Why do I need a centre environment?

A centre environment is a safe place to explore many different aspects of the wider social life. While you can learn and do many of these things at home too, the centre provides a safe and secure environment away from home when you need it. Our specialised resources and the trained professionals are always available to guide you in your interactions with objects and people so you can get the maximum out of all your experiences while your family members are away at work.

We provide directions, evoke curiosity, empower and build resilience so you can learn to take risk, be innovative and enjoy through indoor and outdoor play-based experiences.

How do I learn in my centre?

You learn in the centre by strengthening your beliefs that you are taken care of and loved. You learn to trust self and others knowing that you are trusted as an individual to achieve high. You are empowered to do things on your own within safety limits. You are supported to be resilient and take a stance for your rights by learning the concepts of justice, fairness, responsibility and team spirit. You are encouraged to bond with the natural world and keep our environment green & clean forever.

You get the opportunity to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi as a part of New Zealand Heritage. You develop curiosity, explore, discover, connect and represent your discoveries as information, to understand the world around.

Can my family be a part of my learning at the centre ?

Being a part of your child’s learning and development is significant to your child’s achievement. We invite and welcome all parents to actively participate and contribute towards our work with your children. Your aspirations for your child form the basis for us to initiate a meaningful journey of learning with your children.

We believe parents know their children the best. The information you provide us about your child at home and beyond enables us to understand and know your child before we can plan for extended learning and development for your child. We therefore advice you to regularly contribute to your child’s learning in anyways you feel comfortable with. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask our teachers different ways to contribute to your child’s learning. We strongly encourage you to get into Educa and write stories and provide feedback.

How can I develop my literacy skills in the centre?

  • Literacy involves hearing, listening, making sounds, grasping words phrases. Understanding and using them meaningfully.
  • Reading involves understanding prints as meaning conveyer and ability to move your eyes along a row of printed words.
  • Knowing how to use a book.
  • Knowing how to use a pen or pencil.

Literacy starts with your ability to hear. You hear different sounds/words and language in social contexts and observe responses to them. From this you learn to use those sounds/words and language in your daily interactions with objects and people. Gradually you develop a huge store of vocabulary/words and phrases which you recall as needed to get a desired outcome.

Therefore, we use simple, clear and correct language (words, phrases and gestures) to support your literacy development. We add to your store of words and phrases through regular meaningful conversation, shared reading, easy access to literacy tools and a print rich environment. We introduce print so you learn that print and sound and pictures convey meaning. You explore and learn to share and make stories of your own experiences, discoveries and ask questions.

You learn to control your finger grips gradually as you get involved in many manipulative play experiences. This helps to gain control over your pen and pencil. Gradually you learn to write.

How do I get ready to move the primary school in my centre?

Going to a primary school formal learning environment can be daunting to a child. Where to keep my bag, how to put on my clothes and shoes, where to find the toilet, whom to ask help for are big questions for a new child at school. Reading and writing can happen once the child feels comfortable and confident in the environment.

At Childs Choice Preschool we take these questions seriously. Children’s wellbeing and a strong sense of belonging is significant for us. We help to develop these by listening to the children, showing respect for their unique work and trust in their ability to do things on their own. We allow children freedom to try out new and age appropriate risks, solve problems, do things differently, lead where they can, take responsibility and express freely. Children get to learn about rules, justice & fairness, collaboration, love for nature and Bi-cultural aspect of our society.

How do I evolve as a Kiwi child ?

Knowing that NZ is a country with Pakeha and Maori as dwell heritage, knowing that you are free to express, explore and represent ideas in a socially acceptable manner is the way to be a true KIWI. Being fair, curious, free spirited, creative and love for the outdoor/ natural world is very reflective of a Kiwi child.

At CCC you we are all about the natural world, free spirit and creative ideas. You evolve as a Kiwi child by exploring, discovering, sharing, and learning together with friends and family/tangata whenua. You value and respect the treaty of Waitangi in your daily practice and practice biculturalism as a part of your learning journey.

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