Preparing your child to enrol in an ECE centre or having already enrolled means there’s lot to know. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions to help you with important questions you may have. If you have already  enrolled your child with Childz Choice Preschool and you have more questions, or would like to talk to us, you are welcome to call us and book a visit to the Centre.

At Childz Choice Preschool we believe in nurturing the child’s uniqueness through our carefully planned program in an unhurried manner.

Children already enrolled at Childz Choice Preschool

Early learning is a process of having a variety of first-hand experiences through the five senses. It occurs everywhere a child can be. At home, in centres, malls and outdoors. Young children develop rapidly, and everything offers them new a learning experience.

Worldwide research has established that first five years of a child’s development is crucial to ongoing development. It is the basis for a strong foundation for ongoing successful learning & development.  90% of children’s brain is developed by age three. Children who start ahead remains ahead. Overtime it becomes harder to close gaps between children who are exceling and who are falling behind.

In ECE centres children get to build up their strengths, skills, interests, and knowledge by bringing in these from home to the centre environment & use them with other to make meaning for themselves.  Children who are involved in high quality early childhood education (ECE) benefit in variety of ways which also extends to their family/whanau and the wider community.

Early childhood education embeds care with learning to inspire children so they can engage in learning with greater motivation and confidence. We call it “learning to learn”, acquiring the skills that will help them to learn in an ongoing manner.

We cater for children aged form 2 years old up to five years.

Our operating hours are form 7:00 am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday all throughout the years. We are closed on weekends and during public holidays.

You can find out more by visiting the centre-we welcome inquiries at any time.

During the initial contact we arrange a suitable visiting time and day for you. Our Centre Manager will invite you to take a tour of the centre first so you can see where your child will be cared for and to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.

On the day of your first visit we discuss with you about your child’s needs. An enrolment pack is given to you for more information. A list of required documents is also be provided.

Once you have returned your enrolment form, we arrange a suitable time for you to visit the centre with your child for orientation. During this period, you can discuss more about your aspirations for your child with teachers. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. We are committed to providing open, honest communication so you can make an informed that decision.

We do not offer online enrolment as we believe it is vital that parents visit the centre first-hand. A tour of the centre is an opportunity to meet the team of kaiako/teachers and the Centre Manager. This will enable us to help you with your enrolment and settling in your child.

Childz Choice is a not for profit community-based centre. This is the reason we can give a very nominal price for our children. You may also be eligible for work and income subsidies that will make a difference to your fee. Please talk to our Centre Manager to know more about WINZ subsidy. You may qualify for a subsidy. You can also visit www.wokandincome.govt.nz or call them on 0800 559 009.

What to pack?

  • In your first visit to Childz Choice Preschool you will be provided with a list of things you need to pack for your child. You can consider packing…………..
  • A sun hat
  • At least two pairs of clothing for change (Include socks and underwear)
  • Comfort items such a blanket
  • Bottles
  • Lunch box with food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Drink bottle
  • Nappies

Yes, Childz Choice Preschool charge for sick days to cover operating costs. This is a standard practice across the industry. However, we can make a makeup when possible.

Normal fees apply for all absences including Public Holidays that fall on a usual day of attendance. However, if you provide us with a written notice for your holidays, you can have three weeks free holiday as per centre policy. Under exceptional circumstances discounts may be applicable outside of these requirements.  Fee payments must be up to date to receive any holiday discounts.

We are closed on Public Holidays. If your child’s schedule day falls on a Public Holiday, we will still need to charge you to cover staff costs. This is a sector standard practice as our staff are entitled to be paid on public holidays like any other industries.

Childz Choice Preschool follow Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. Te Whāriki describes the principles, practices and outcomes essential to young children’s learning and their transition to school.

The goal is to help children grow as competent confident learners and communicators healthy in mind, body and spirit with a strong secured sense of belonging and knowledge that they make valued contribution to the society.

At Childz Choice Preschool we support for all children with additional needs form allergies to physical or learning disabilities and behaviour problems.

We are committed to ensuring all children, regardless of life circumstances, have equitable opportunities to learn and grow.

Our centre works to provide targeted programs and support all children with additional needs in a collaborative approach with whanau and specialist agencies.